CDFA - PFM Capital Markets Webinar Series.

November 28, January 10, February 7, March 14, April 16, May 7

Monthly: 2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern

CDFA has partnered with Public Financial Management (PFM) to host a six-part webinar series on current events and latest trends in the capital markets. The CDFA – PFM Capital Markets Webinar Series will offer in-depth, market-driven discussions about bond financing in the United States and will provide insights about structuring techniques, regulatory matters, strategies for ongoing monitoring and continuing disclosure, and predictions for the future of the capital markets.

The Webinar Series will feature the industry’s top leaders discussing case studies, challenges, opportunities and critical issues in today’s capital markets. Topics covered include bond market insights, understanding the regulatory environment, refunding and structuring strategies, effects of tax reform, and tips for engaging municipal advisors. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and financing challenges related to bonds and the capital markets. Webinars will be recorded and made available to all registered participants.

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