Reminder: BLX/Orrick 2020 Post-Issuance Compliance Educational Webinar Series Begins 8/19

BLX and Orrick are pleased to present a 2020 Post-Issuance Compliance Educational Webinar Series. This Series offers timely discussions of topics related to post-issuance compliance and securities law for the public finance and 501(c)(3) communities who borrow on a tax-exempt basis.

Our team strives to make the discussion of tedious tax laws understandable and relatable.

The Series consists of the following webinars:

1 – Post-Issuance Compliance Best Practices

August 19, 2020; 10 am PT / 1 pm ET (60 minutes)

Alan Bond – BLX Group
Richard Chirls – Orrick
Barbara Jane League – Orrick
Sandee Stallings – BLX Group

Post-issuance tax compliance continues to be a focus of the IRS. Developing a program founded on best practices related to policies and procedures, private business use (“PBU”), arbitrage rebate, and other areas will equip organizations with the tools to withstand IRS scrutiny in this area.

This webinar will review the components of an effective post-issuance tax compliance program and discuss the benefits of such a program. In addition, this webinar will include a discussion of the items that should be included in written post-issuance tax compliance policies, the evolving expectations of the IRS with respect to such policies, and what organizations should be doing to update and modify policies that they have previously adopted.

2 – Managing Private Business Use in Tax-Exempt Bond Financed Facilities

September 17, 2020; 10 am PT / 1 pm ET (60 minutes)

Alan Bond – BLX Group
Andrea Ball – Orrick
Ed Oswald – Orrick

The federal tax rules and regulations relating to private business use (“PBU”) are complicated and can be difficult to understand. Complying with these rules relating to tax-exempt debt is critical to ensuring that the tax-exempt status of such debt is not compromised.

This webinar will provide a thorough review of the federal tax rules and tax-exempt bond regulations relating to PBU (and Unrelated Trade or Business Use for nonprofits), including certain safe harbors relating to management contracts and sponsored research agreements. The panelists will also discuss how funding a portion of a project with “qualified equity” will impact the calculation of PBU, and the exceptions available with respect to PBU. Understanding the relevant PBU restrictions and applicable exceptions will allow issuers and borrowers of tax-exempt bonds to make sound and prudent decisions about the activities occurring in their tax-exempt bond financed facilities.

3 – IRS Schedule K Reporting for Nonprofit Organizations

September 30, 2020; 10 am PT / 1 pm ET (60 minutes)

Alan Bond – BLX Group
Caleb Lansky – BLX Group
Aviva Roth – Orrick
Larry Sobel – Orrick

This webinar will provide a review of the 2019 IRS Schedule K with commentary on the information being requested on the form and on specific calculations required by nonprofit borrowers with respect to their outstanding tax-exempt bonds.

The panel will also discuss the relationship of certain questions on the form that may not be obvious to some and provide guidance with respect to answering specific questions. This webinar will allow 501(c)(3) organizations to more fully understand the information being provided to the IRS on an annual basis and why the information being requested is important to the IRS.

4 – Continuing Disclosure in an Uncertain Environment

October 13, 2020; 10 am PT / 1 pm ET (60 minutes)

Alan Bond – BLX Group
Jeff Higgins – BLX Group
Jenna Magan – Orrick

This webinar will provide an overview of recent events relating to SEC Rule 15c2-12, including the recent settlements by underwriters and issuers resulting from the Municipal Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative (“MCDC”), what issuers and underwriters can learn from such SEC actions.

This webinar will equip participants with information to better comply with their ongoing continuing disclosure requirements in a post-MCDC environment.

BLX and Orrick professionals will lead the program and assist participants with understanding the IRS and SEC regulations and requirements relating to tax-exempt debt. For more information on Orrick, please click here.

CPE will be provided. (Not eligible for MCLE Credit)

Individual webinar fee: $99
3 or more webinars: $249

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* Purchase of any webinar will include access to replay the webinar on our website. Replay will not be available without purchase and is not eligible for CPE credits.

Refunds and Cancellation:
All payments relate to your webinar series registration. To cancel your registration, please contact Cynthia Sixtos at [email protected] or 213-612-2207. Registration fees will be refunded for any cancellation occurring up to 3 days prior to the webinar(s) for which you registered. Registration fees will not be refunded for cancellations occurring within 2 days of the webinar(s) for which you registered. Refunds may take up to 14 days to process.

In the event that the webinar(s) is canceled, registration fees for that webinar will be fully refunded.

As recommended by the IRS, make training a regular part of your organization’s post-issuance compliance program. Join us for this educational event.

For additional information or any questions on the Webinar Series and/or billing, please contact:

Cynthia Sixtos
[email protected]
or call 213-612-2207

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