Opportunity Zones Continue to Make an Impact.

Edmon Rakipi, principal at Opp Zone Capital, shares why he expects the Opportunity Zone Program to revitalize some of the hardest-hit real estate sectors going forward.

The investment activity trajectory in qualified Opportunity Zones has been fluctuating since the end of last year, when important clarifications were added to the program legislation. Mirroring the economic outlook, the program had a great start to 2020, followed by a slowdown in spring and a rebound at the beginning of summer, according to commercial real estate valuation firm BBG.

Although the nation is bracing for a new slowdown in the last quarter of the year, Notice 2020-39—issued by the Internal Revenue Service in June—is expected to boost investors’ confidence in placing capital. Edmon Rakipi, principal at Opp Zone Capital—an entity that provides specialized Opportunity Zone investment and fund management services nationwide—expects the OZ program to contribute to the revitalization of some of the hardest-hit real estate sectors.

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Commercial Property Executive

By Roxana Baiceanu

AUG 31, 2020

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