IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities – Compliance Program and Priorities

The Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Fiscal Year 2021 Program Letter lists our priorities and how those align with the IRS Strategic Goals.

In fiscal year 2021, we’ll continue to pursue our compliance program described in our FY 2020 Program Letter, and use this webpage to share information about other compliance program initiatives at the end of each quarter during the fiscal year. We will also share our findings from recently completed compliance program initiatives.

Here in TE/GE, we protect the public interest by applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all. We continue to move toward issue-based examinations and a compliance program that focuses on high risk issues using one or multiple treatment streams. A treatment stream is a single or a combination of compliance actions that we will implement to achieve an initiative’s goal. The idea is to respond with the right treatment stream to maintain high compliance across the TE/GE filing population. This approach makes efficient use of IRS knowledge and deploys the right resources to address noncompliance issues.

Our compliance program involves a thorough analysis of data to support the identification and evaluation of a compliance issue, a deliberate consideration of potential treatment streams, decisions about the resources to be deployed, identification of training, and tools needed, as well as a robust feedback mechanism to ensure all elements of an initiative are continuously improved. Our compliance program consists of six components that work together to promote tax law compliance by tax-exempt and government entities.

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