Xenia Rural Water District v. City of Johnston

Supreme Court of Iowa - May 7, 2021 - N.W.2d - 2021 WL 1822780

Rural water district, which sought to service areas within two miles of city, brought action against city asserting § 1983 claim based on alleged violation of provision of Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act prohibiting municipalities from encroaching upon federally-indebted utilities, and seeking, among other forms of relief, an injunction and declaratory judgment.

City counterclaimed, seeking an injunction and declaration as to parties’ legal rights to service disputed areas.

The United States District Court granted partial summary judgment to district as to areas beyond two miles of city limits and granted partial summary judgment to city as to areas within two miles of city limits. District filed a motion for reconsideration, and the District Court certified three questions to the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court held that:

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