Biden Administration Proposes Increase in PAB Limits Amongst Other Potential Tax Changes.

The Biden Administration has released its annual “Green Book,” which includes a plethora of proposed tax changes for the coming fiscal year. While many changes proposed in the Treasury document are historically ignored on Capitol Hill, these documents can be used as a road map for where the Administration’s priorities lie.

Bond Components

The “Green Book” included several bond provisions, including some BDA and MBFA priorities. While the tax document did not include key priorities such as the reinstatement of tax-exempt advance refundings, Congressional Leadership remains priorities.

The Administration is calling for an increase in the PAB limit for transportation infrastructure, doubling the limit to 30 billion dollars. The plan also calls for the authorization of a new direct-pay bond, Qualified School Infrastructure Bonds. According to the Green Book, the QSIB’s would:

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Bond Dealers of America

June 1, 2021

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