Table Of Contents: S&P Global Ratings Credit Rating Models

An S&P Global Ratings model information document provides a summary description of a Ratings Model (a model that is used in the process of determining a Credit Rating) or a Criteria Model (a complex model that is based on advanced economic, financial, mathematical, or statistical methodologies used in the development of Criteria). A model information document typically includes a summary description of: (i) the model, (ii) assumptions underlying the model, (iii) data used in model development and calibration, and (iv) model limitations. A model information document also includes references to related criteria. Our credit rating models may be global, regional, or local, be specific to an individual industry or subject area, or apply across several industries or subject areas.

Material changes to credit rating models are described within our model information documents, which provide information describing recent material changes to models, where applicable. The publication of an updated model information document to describe material changes to a model typically follows shortly after use of the revised model is approved by S&P Global Ratings. There may be some instances where the description of a material change to a model could potentially reference changes being made by an issuer or a transaction that are confidential until the the issuer or transaction makes those details public. Accordingly, in these instances the publication of updates to a model information document may be timed to ensure that any publication does not communicate confidential information.

This table of contents, which we update continuously as we introduce or enhance models, will direct you to all active model information documents for the groups or instruments listed below. We most recently republished this table of contents on the date shown above.

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