SIFMA 2021 US Municipal Bonds Statistics.

SIFMA Research tracks issuance, trading, and outstanding data for the U.S. municipal bond market. Issuance data is broken out by bond type, bid type, capital type, tax type, coupon type and callable status and includes average maturity. Trading volume data shows total and average daily volume and has customer bought/customer sold/dealer trade breakouts. Outstanding data includes holders’ statistics. Data is downloadable by monthly, quarterly and annual statistics including trend analysis.

2021 statistics include:

Issuance (as of December) $475.9 billion, -1.8% Y/Y
Trading (as of December) $8.8 billion ADV, -26.4% Y/Y
Outstanding (as of 3Q21) $4.0 trillion, +2.0% Y/Y

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January 4, 2022

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