Treasury Management Best Practices: GFOA Webinar

August 10, 11 & 13 2022 | 1 – 3:45 p.m. ET

This course, focuses on GFOA’s best practices in treasury management. Participants will be able to understand the importance of governments developing and having policies and procedures related to their cash management duties. This includes discussions on the payables and receivables functions, cash flow forecasting, banking services and fraud prevention. Attendees will be able to learn not only from the GFOA best practices and resources, but also the presentation of case studies, and interactions with course leaders and other participants.

Learning Objectives:
Become familiar with key practices related to treasury management
Lay the groundwork for developing their own appropriate policies and procedures for payables and receivables
Understand policies and procedures for determining and procuring banking services
Determine key internal controls policies necessary for fraud prevention in the Treasury office

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