American Dream Mall Owes NJ Town $8 Million, Lawsuit Says.

A New Jersey town sued the American Dream mall and entertainment complex over its refusal to make about $7.5 million in property tax-like payments and $400,000 for sewer service.

American Dream’s owner Triple Five Group agreed to make the payments in lieu of real estate taxes to the borough of East Rutherford on land surrounding the mall in exchange for rights to build a hotel, minor league baseball stadium and offices. The payments to East Rutherford, home to the $5 billion project, were supposed to commence once the mall opened to the public, according to a March 3 complaint filed by the town in Superior Court of New Jersey.

The borough said in the lawsuit that American Dream has “dubiously asserted” that the complex — which has hosted millions of guests and touted visits by reality television stars like Kim Kardashian — isn’t open for business to the general public.

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By Martin Z Braun

March 6, 2023

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