New York City Transitional Finance Authority, New York: Fitch New Issue Report

Key Rating Drivers Strong Legal Framework: The bankruptcy-remote, statutorily defined nature of the issuer pursuant to state legislation and a bond structure involving a first-perfected security interest in the PIT and SUT revenues are key credit strengths. Payment of the PIT and SUT revenue to the TFA is not subject to city or state appropriation. Statutory covenants prohibit action that would impair bondholders. Robust Resilience: Fitch does not make a rating distinction between the senior and subordinate liens due to the high coverage levels and strong legal and practical protections against overleveraging. Fitch anticipates the security provided for both liens will remain highly resilient through the current economic environment and future downturns. Solid Growth Prospects: Statutory revenues benefit from the city’s unique economic profile, which centers on its identity as an international center for numerous industries and a major tourist destination. Fitch believes longer-term growth of pledged revenues may slow from historical levels but remain solid at levels between inflation and U.S. GDP following record levels of personal income and sales tax revenues during fiscal 2022.


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