State of Wisconsin: Fitch New Issue Report

Revenue Framework: ‘aa’: Wisconsin’s sound revenue framework relies on broad based taxes that generally reflect economic performance and which Fitch Ratings anticipates will continue to grow in line with long-term expectations for inflation. Wisconsin has an unlimited legal ability to independently raise revenues. Expenditure Framework: ‘aaa’: Fitch anticipates Wisconsin will continue to effectively manage a natural pace of spending growth expected to be slightly above annual revenue growth, reflecting the primary drivers of Medicaid and education. The state benefits from low fixed carrying costs and has demonstrated ample ability to cut spending if needed. Long-Term Liability Burden: ‘aaa’: Long-term liabilities are low and below the U.S. state median. The state benefits from strong pension funding and a benefit structure that shares the risk of investment underperformance with beneficiaries.


16 May, 2023

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