Adesokan v. Town of Bloomfield

Supreme Court of Connecticut - August 1, 2023 - A.3d - 347 Conn. 416 - 2023 WL 4915906

Motorist, individually and on behalf of her two minor children, brought action against town, police department, and police officer, alleging negligence, negligent supervision, and respondeat superior in connection with personal injuries sustained in collision when police officer’s vehicle, that was traveling southbound in response to a possible abduction with emergency lights and siren activated, collided with driver’s side of motorist’s vehicle that was also traveling southbound, when motorist made a left turn at intersection at the same time that police officer attempted to pass motorist in northbound lane.

The Superior Court granted defendants’ summary judgment motion. Motorist appealed.

Upon transfer from the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court held that defense of discretionary act qualified immunity does not apply to claims arising from the manner in which an emergency vehicle is operated under the privileges provided by the emergency-vehicle statute.

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