Voters to Decide if California Can Borrow $20B for Climate and Education.

State lawmakers will likely place two bonds, one for climate change impacts and one for school repairs – each worth $10 billion – on the November ballot. The bonds will require a two-thirds approval from both chambers to reach the ballot.

California voters will likely decide whether to let the state borrow $20 billion to fight climate change and support schools, issues that advocates say are in need of a cash influx in light of recent budget cuts.

State lawmakers said Sunday that they reached agreements to place both a $10 billion bond to pay for climate change impacts and another $10 billion bond for school repairs.

Voter approval of borrowing is never a sure thing, even in a presidential election when turnout is high and the electorate skews more progressive. In 2020, for example, voters rejected a $15 billion schools facilities bond.

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July 3, 2024 • Ari Plachta, The Sacramento Bee, TNS

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